Black Mustel & Late Mustel on stage in Purcell Room South Bank for Anne Page’s Concert | Photo by Tim Clayton


We are pleased to announce that Phil was been honoured with an Award from the Royal Academy of Music in London.

He is now an Honorary Associate of RAM. He was given this award for his dedicated work in educating people about harmoniums and for supporting what is the only Harmonium Course in the UK – tutored by Prof Anne Page at the Royal Academy of Music.

Over the 37yrs we have been enthusiasts for reed organs, we have built up a wealth of experience, all of which is used to maintain our instruments to a high standard.


Just to say a huge Thank you for all your invaluable advice and guidance in Corbridge towards my harmonium debut! I had enormous fun with it and it was wonderful to have the Dvorak Bagatelles to accompany.
Robert Plane,  Choral Music Festival Corbridge,  July 2019

I’m glad I’ve found out about you, so I will know where to find an excellent instrument any time I/we might need one. I’m in awe of your dedication!! Good luck with the Proms
Ben Frith,  Gould Piano Trio,  July 2019

Thanks for helping out yesterday. It was without doubt one of the best days I’ve had working for English Heritage, and I had so much fun. The harmonium was perfect in the setting, and Jonathan was a marvellous performer, with such a beautiful sound. When we eventually get everything together I’ll send you copies of the tracks and the images for your archive. Phil was very accommodating, and the day couldn’t have run any more smoothly. I hope he had a good journey home.
Eleanor Matthew Curator,  Brodsworth Hall & Gardens English Heritage,  March 2019

I’m glad Phil enjoyed the Bryars piece. It’s a slow burner that reveals its quality only gradually but at the end we thoroughly enjoyed playing it.
Both it and the Rossini went down really well with the audience.
Our thanks to you both for providing us with such a lovely instrument. I was amazed it was bang on concert pitch after 200 miles on the road!
I hope we get the chance to use a harmonium again and we certainly know where to come.
Our very best wishes for the future success of your marvellous enterprise

Alistair Wesley,  Edinburgh Bach Choir,  March 2019

The (50th) birthday concert and associated whirlwind has rather consumed us but really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the concert. Thank you ever so much for hiring us your Black Beauty, which did a perfect job, and for being very easy to work with. I look forward to working with you both again in the future.
Hannah Bache,  Concerts & Touring Co-Ordinator London Sinfonietta,  January 2018

The harmonium is the harmonic glue for the Orchestra. It’s gorgeous!
Charles Hazelwood,  Conductor Army of Generals,  October 2011